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We’re so excited that you’ve applied to the Launch1000 Accelerator. Our team of coaches can’t wait to hear about your business, non-profit, or revenue stream and help you take it to the next level!


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TLDR: Watch videos to learn new skills, work on your business and submit your work to your coach, received personalized feedback on each step, and move your venture forward!

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What if I already have a business running? Is this program right for me?

That depends. 


If you’re still figuring out how to grow sales and generate profit, this program IS for you. This also applies to any venture looking to add new product or service offerings to your list of existing offerings. You’ll gain access to a framework for discovering and validating opportunities. Then you’ll learn how to take advantage of those opportunities. If you already have this figured out, the program will not meet your stage of the journey. 


If you feel like you already have all the pieces of your business figured out and you’re actively scaling, then this program is NOT for you.

I really want to learn how to market and find more clients for my business. Will this course help me with that?

Absolutely! But the program is comprehensive. And we see marketing and sales as a holistic process that includes gathering evidence around your market’s needs, showing proof that your solution solves the problems your market faces, and then creating channels for acquiring new customers using that information.

Do I need a computer and wifi to join?

Yes! A tablet will also work. But you cannot complete the program from a phone. However, Westchester County has some loaner laptops available. To apply for a laptop loaner, email [email protected] and include in the subject line RE: Laptop Loaner for Launch1000.

How long should this course take to complete?

We expect the course will take you between six and ten months, working 7-10 hours per week. It’s a comprehensive experience that includes launching or reinventing an entire business. So buckle up and get ready to show up consistently!

Can I use a tablet or phone to complete and submit assignments?

The program IS available via tablet but currently unavailable via phone. However, the county may be able to provide you with a computer and wifi. To apply for a laptop loaner, email [email protected] and include in the subject line RE: Laptop Loaner for Launch1000.

Are there assignments and due dates?

There are action steps that you will complete based on the steps in the learning platform. These can include writing responses or going out into the world, talking to people, and then recording your learnings.

There are no due dates for individual action steps, but we will require certain sections or “phases” of the program to be completed by specific dates to remain in the program.

Are all the events virtual, or will there be live events we need to attend?

All events are virtual! You may complete 100% of the program without ever stepping foot into a physical location.

Are there any mandatory meeting times during the program?

There are suggested but optional workshops twice a week and weekly office hours with your coach. However, we understand that some people have many other responsibilities, so there are no mandatory meeting times.

Will my information be safe if I upload my business idea to the platform?

Absolutely! All of your information is stored safely on our platform. Your coach can access your submissions, but they will not be available to the general public.

What are my time commitments?

Please plan to commit 7-10 hours per week to the program for 6-10 months.

Email us with questions – [email protected]